1. A cat suffering from diabetes typically:
Drinks and eats a lot, urinates often, and may be lethargic
Has a very fast heart rate
Develops poor eyesight
I don’t know
2. How common is diabetes in cats?
Only 1 in 2,000 cats develops diabetes
1 in 100 to 1 in 500 cats develops diabetes
Diabetes is rarely diagnosed in cats
I don’t know
3. Managing a cat with diabetes involves:
Regular insulin injections and an appropriate diet
Long-term antibiotic treatments and hypoallergenic diets
Periodic administration of pain medications
I don’t know
4. Signs that suggest a cat has diabetes mellitus include:
Drinking large amounts and urinating often
Red, itchy skin
Overactivity and excitability
I don’t know
5. What is the expected life span of a diabetic cat under veterinary care?
10 months
A normal life expectancy
10 weeks
I don’t know