Diabetes in Dogs

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Diet plays a vital role in helping to keep your dog’s diabetes regulated. Ideally, your dog should be fed exactly the same diet every day and at the same time(s) of day.

A diabetic dog’s diet usually includes a source of good-quality protein, in addition to complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber to help slow absorption of glucose from the digestive system. It also usually has a low fat content.

Overall, a palatable and nutritious diet that minimizes fluctuations in blood glucose and helps your dog maintain a healthy weight is important for managing diabetes. Your veterinarian can recommend a diet that’s best suited to the needs of your dog.

Canine Diabetes
Did you know?

Pets whose diabetes is under control have normal thirst and urination, normal appetite, stable weight, normal activity levels, and are less likely to develop long-term complications of diabetes.

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