Share your pet diabetes success story

We know your dog or cat is a member of the family, and a diagnosis of diabetes can be overwhelming at first...

Diabetic dogs and cats can live happy, healthy lives with the families who love them when their diabetes is well-regulated.

Tell us how you are successfully managing your pet's diabetes.

Sharing your story brings to life that diabetes management can become a regular part of pets'/pet owners' lives - with very little impact on daily activities. Your story could also help other pet owners make diabetes management decisions for a newly diagnosed pet. By submitting your story, you and your pet may have the oportunity to be featured on this website or in a special video (MSD Animal Health may contact you for additional details).
Thank you for sharing your story!

Type(s) of diabetes management

Insulin pen  Syringe  Special diet  Exercise 

Monitor blood glucose levels at home 

How do you manage your pet's diabetes overall?

Tell us your story... how have you and your pet moved beyond
the diagnosis to enjoy a happy, healthy life together?

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